Sweet, Sassy & A Little Badassy: Volume 2

A mini collection to be your best, badass self in

Introducing the Night at the Museum Collection

Dress to the nines, and join us for the opening reception

from creative takes on trends, to pieces that defy the rules in rebellious style, Velvet & Slate is a jewelry brand inspired by the powerhouse women who wear it and the playful, sultry spirit of the moments when they do

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make everyday the opening night

night at the museum collection

The lights in the city are bright. You’ve pulled out your favorite shoes and are putting on your best lipstick, as you sip some bubbles while adding the finishing touches to your look. You take one quick glance in the mirror and give your locks one last fluff. You’re a masterpiece. Now head on out, you only want to be fashionably late for the opening reception.

Join us for a Night at the Museum

the lifestyle collection

from cozy accessories to houseware items, we've got you covered

Brides, indugle

romantic, chic and timeless pieces for your big day & beyond
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the all-new

bridal collection

All eyes on you. These sleek, sultry, unconventionally stunning accessories will accentuate your beauty on your big day and every day.

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our founder


Velvet and Slate’s founder and designer Karisa Perrone’s creative energy has been a natural part of her life for as long as she can remember.

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