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A handcrafted carta de amor to a captivating island that leads la buena vida

from creative takes on trends, to pieces that defy the rules in rebellious style, Velvet & Slate is a jewelry brand inspired by the powerhouse women who wear it and the playful, sultry spirit of the moments when they do

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Join us on a journey as we travel the island of Enchantment

The La Isla Del Encanto Collection

Puerto Rico has it all. A vibrant and beautiful metropolis. A lush and steamy jungle. Stunning beaches that span for miles. Some of the most delicious food you’ll every have the pleasure of eating. The warmest people that welcome you with open arms. Primos and primas that you’ve never met, but are now your familia. Music that will actually sooth your soul and have you dancing in the streets. It’s optimistic and energetic. It’s sultry and mysterious. It’s nature at its best with vibrancy built from within with passion and love. This magical little island is a gem all on its own. Through this collection we’re taking you on a journey across this enchanting island and showing it to you through our eyes. Prepare to estar enamorada.

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Velvet and Slate’s founder and designer Karisa Perrone’s creative energy has been a natural part of her life for as long as she can remember.

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