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A midnight walk through the City of Lights

from creative takes on trends, to pieces that defy the rules in rebellious style, Velvet & Slate is a jewelry brand inspired by the powerhouse women who wear it and the playful, sultry spirit of the moments when they do

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Join us as we travel to one of the worlds most magical cities

A Surrealist in Love Collection

Paris. The history, the art, the lights. Uncontested beauty awaits around every corner. When you take the time to stand in the center of the city, it’s hard to miss the perfection that surrounds you. Paris is one part romantic, and one part mysterious. A place that is so magical and captivating that it allows you to tap in and unlock the unconscious mind and express yourself through unimaginable creativity. Once you’ve fallen in love with its cobblestone streets, it’s easy to understand how the likes of Dali, Miró, Magritte and Man Ray came to create within its walls. Join us for a midnight stroll through this mysterious and stunning city that inspires you without even knowing it. Once you fall under it’s spell, it’ll always be Paris, je t'aime.

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Velvet and Slate’s founder and designer Karisa Perrone’s creative energy has been a natural part of her life for as long as she can remember.

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