Jewelry Care

for the V&S obsessed

We know you hate tossing pieces you just bought because they just couldn’t hang...

That’s why we make jewelry that lasts and give you these simple tips for making sure it does.


some like it rough… your jewelry, not so much...

Velvet and Slate is always ready for a good time. But playing too rough with your jewelry can damage it.

You’ll have your favorite style staples longer if you treat them right.


hitting the pool? leave the jewels

Are you going in the water? Yes.

Is your jewelry coming with you? Hell no.

Fading and tarnishing happen naturally over time with gold plated jewelry. And you’ll only speed that process up if you take your V&S pieces to water at the beach, pool, spa or even the shower.

So, yeah. We love you... but no jewelry in the water. Capisce?


take it all off...

Your body’s chemical make-up and how often you wear your favorites can impact how they age.

To keep them looking lovely longer avoid letting your jewelry come in contact with lotions, perfumes, hair products, and oils.

So, put your jewelry on last (even after your hairspray.) and take it all off before your evening moisturizing routine.


treat yourself... & your jewelry too!

Did you scoop up that pair of Amalfi earrings on a “treat yourself” whim?

Hell yeah, you did.

And now that you’re treating yourself, you can treat your jewelry too!

After wearing them, clean them with a dry cloth (jewelry cloths and microfiber cloths are great for this kind of care).

You can keep your jewelry in the box or dust bag it came in or store it in a clean dry place.

Following this little “Code of Care” helps your favorite show stoppers turning heads more often.


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